Saturday, June 12, 2010

Love what you do

Responsibility - a fantastic word but too big for a guy of my age to write a blog on. However, I write this up here to let out the impatience and exasperation sedimented in me for long, seeing people not putting in their best effort in fulfilling their responsibilities. What is even more annoying is that sometimes I am unfortunate to be the victim of others’ irresponsibility.

I don’t mean to say that I am perfectly perfect, nor do I say that I have always put my 100% effort, but to the best of my conscience, I have never created a burden for anyone with my irresponsibility. This is probably what you too might be thinking!

Responsibilities are manifold: to teach well – the responsibility of a teacher; to study well – the responsibility of a student; to perform well at work – the responsibility of a job holder; to care for parents – the responsibility of children and vice-versa. This list is unexhaustive. But, how many of us work with dedication towards fulfilling all our responsibilities? How many of us put our whole-hearted effort in whatever we do?

The common excuse that many of us give is that we have passion for something else and hence we aren’t able to give our best effort at work. If we are passionate about something, we would be doing it, come what may. We would never settle down to do something else. Instead of saying passion, if we say that we have interest for something else and that’s the reason for our under-performance, may be, we would be right to some extent. There could be many more reasons, but being totally irresponsible is never acceptable. If we are doing something, we need it to do it with our heart, not just with our mind.

It is quite difficult, perhaps impossible, for anyone to be totally perfect, trustworthy, responsible, dependable, and dedicated in fulfilling all their responsibilities. But, we are fortunate enough to be bestowed with the power of imagination. How amazing would it be if everyone was ideal! How marvelous would it be, if everyone performs to the best of their potential! How fantastic would it be, if everyone enjoys fulfilling their responsibilities! How great would it be, if all this imagination becomes a reality!

I am not pinpointing at anyone by writing this blog. Do what you have to do. Love what you do. Do your best. Expect the best. Don’t worry about the rest. In short, "Whatever your hand finds to do, do it with all your might."