Saturday, November 13, 2010

Life is precious

“Once, during my college days, I returned to my room late night after watching a movie. My roommate said that my friend, Kumar waited a long time for me and left an hour ago. I thought that it was a casual visit and did not want to disturb him by calling him at that peak time. So, I slept peacefully without knowing then that I was making a grave mistake.

The next morning, I was having coffee when my roommate rushed to me and said with a quiver in his voice, ‘Kumar… Kumar committed suicide.’ I was shell-shocked. Hundreds of questions crossed my mind that moment. ‘Why did he do this? Why did he come and wait for me yesterday night? Did he want to say something to me before dying? Did he really commit suicide or was it a murder?’ I broke into a cold sweat. Coffee refused to go down my throat.

He used to say often that I was his best friend. Probably, his last wish was to see me once before dying. Suddenly, I remembered how much he was worried and upset a few weeks ago regarding his performance in studies, gradually becoming poorer and poorer. My conscience started pricking me. ‘Why was I so careless? Why didn’t I encourage him to perform better the next time, instead of worrying about the past? Why didn’t I soothe him then? I must have contacted him at least yesterday night. May be he would have changed his decision.’ Tears rolled down my eyes.

Not everyone will resort to the extreme step, but everyone will need care and support during their tough times. Show sensitivity and consideration for others. You may not be able to consider everyone to be your friend but atleast feel, just feel that everyone is human. Everyone will have their own emotions, opinions and feelings. We must care for those who are in need of it. The age-old quote ‘A friend in need is a friend in deed’ is true for all the ages to come. I failed as a friend. Please do not make the mistake I made.”

This story is based on a real-life experience of one of my friends. When he was narrating me this sad experience, for the first time, I could notice tears in his eyes.

I fabricate that incident and share it here, not with the intention of spoiling your mood or wasting your time, but to drive home the point that ‘Some things in life can never be reverted and there isn’t any penance for some mistakes that we make intentionally or unintentionally. When needed, take risks in life but never keep life itself at risk. After all, Life is precious. Take care of yours and that of others.’